The Team Fierce and Fit Movement

The Team Fierce and Fit Movement is taking off and we don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Being your own boss isn’t always easy but this is my passion. There are so many women in my community who have no idea that they can earn an income while they get in shape. They don’t know that women are out here making millions by sharing their fitness journey on social media and inspiring others to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Once I leaned about this business I made it my mission to share and empower women and mothers just like me. There are so many lives in our community that are waiting to be changed. Lives that can be saved by switching to a healthier lifestyle. There is money to be made by living a healthy lifestyle and inspiring others to do the same. I wake up every morning ready to share this amazing opportunity to start your own business and change lives. ???

When I first started my journey again with Beachbody about a year ago, I became a coach mainly because I knew if other people were depending on me, I would stay motivated to stay on track and keep going. Once I got into the business I learn just how much earning potential this business opportunity really had. I couldn’t believe that people were turning a $160 investment into millions. (income is not guaranteed  but a direct reflection of our efforts and the lives we impact). I knew I had stumbled upon a gold mine because helping people with their health and fitness is something I was doing already for free. This moment marks the birthing of Team Fierce and Fit.

This hade to be shared! There was no way I was going to keep this to myself. I started sharing it with friends and family. Most of which thought I was crazy by the way. I started sharing it with members of my challenge group. After all they were already using Beachbody programs, and knew first hand how amazing they are. But most of them didn’t truly believe this opportunity would yield a legit income. That wasn’t going to stop me. As I looked around and saw women and moms just like me, anxious to live a healthy lifestyle. Ladies that yearned for financial freedom and empowerment. I knew it would be selfish of me to not share this opportunity with them. I had to push past my fear and hurt of rejection. They had to know that this opportunity was available to them too. I am so glad I did.  Allow me to introduce to you the amazing ladies of Team Fierce and Fit.

These are just some of the ladies that have taken the leap of faith, believed in themselves, and became their own CEO. They are mothers, daughters, sisters, survivors, hard workers, and inspirational warriors fighting against the trend of obesity. I’m so glad I took the leap of faith and stepped out of my comfort zone to become a coach. I would have otherwise not had the pleasure of meeting these ladies.  I am incredibly grateful.

Will you be next to join the movement? Learn how you can join us here:





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