So You Want To Get Into Fitness?

So you want to get into fitness?! Thank you so much for visiting my page and joining me on my fitness journey. I created this page to connect with women and mothers like myself who are always ready to better themselves. Maybe you know the importance of keeping your body in shape, but need a little push. As a mother of two I know how we have a bad habit of taking care of everyone else while sometimes neglecting to take care of ourselves. This is even more evident when you have little ones. The truth is, if we are running on empty,  how can we expect to be any good to anyone else. Fact of the matter is, you cant, at least not in the best way.  I know this from experience because I have been there.  You and your family are connected. As the mother you set the tone of the home. When I felt down and out about myself and my weight, it didn’t matter how bright my smile was, and how cheerful my voice was, my children still felt my pain. I am here for you to be your push.  I am here to tell you that not only is it ok to think about what you need, but it is necessary! 

Be Fierce Fitness

As your health an fitness coach I help guide you to the right fitness programs, then coach you to get the best results from those programs. I enjoy helping, motivating, and inspiring people. I want to help you discover your health and fitness goals, then guide you and push you to crush those goals. I will be there every step of the way. All you will have to do is commit to working out, following your workout schedule and your nutrition plan, and join our accountability challenge group. Here in the accountability group you will meet new people, and gain friends. We will share, learn, motivate, inspire, and most importantly, hold one another accountable.

Be Fierce Fitness Coach

I want you to look and feel better than you imagined you could. Your only limitations are the ones you give yourself. Be a light in this world. Be Fierce.  Don’t forget to like my Facebook coaching page, and tag a friend.

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